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World Yoga Day

Today is World Yoga Day. As I always say, relaxation is a very important key to successful learning. Therefore, yoga may be a good way for you to improve your German learning by approaching it more relaxed.

Deutsche Welle is giving away a basic yoga kit in a prize draw for World Yoga Day. Perhaps you would like to participate? Here is the link to the according web page:

Good luck!

Furthermore, you might want to check out Deutsche Welle's "In Good Shape"-show:

The topics sound very appealing: happiness, yoga, coffee. It seems to fit in with my approach: Learning German is important, but don't let it get your whole life out of balance. Don't neglect your health, relaxation, family, friends, finances and spirituality over learning German!

In case you are looking for yoga classes in Munich, let me refer you to my friends over at Expat in the city, where you can find your perfect yoga course in Munich:

Happy World Yoga Day!

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