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What I learnt during my vacation

After my great vacation, I found 300 e-mails in my inbox, had made lots of awesome memories with my family and learnt a lot. Let me share my learnings with you.

On my ongoing quest of finding a better and more effective way of learning, I tried some suggestions, which I had read in a book. It stated, that eating wheat germ oil, shoots, ginkgo and lecithin (amongst others) would lead to a brighter mind. Hence, I got these foods and supplements in local stores in Munich and underwent a selftest.

While lecithin seems to have some kind of effect on my brain, even though just a slight one, I couldn't notice any effects from wheat germ oil. I don't notice any effect from shoots as well, as I think, that they are healthy and delicious, I will continue growing them, though.

Here comes the shocking part: I got myself a pack of ginkgo and consumed it as advised. I kind of felt a tingle in my head as a result. The first couple of days I thought, that was a good sign - apparently, ginkgo improved the blood flow in my brain. I thought, I just had to adapt to it or get used to it and I would notice an effect. At the end of the week, I didn't feel very good, though. After having some coffee, I felt pretty weird - everything I saw was super funny and I had to laugh about everything. Awkward... In the evening, I felt worse and had to lie down in bed. Suddenly, I started to feel dizzy. I decided to get up from bed and go downstairs to get help from my wife. On the stairs, I passed out. After a short trip to the hospital, I felt better. Although, probably, this incident didn't have anything to do with ginkgo, I will abstain from dietary supplements in the future. Natural food like ginger, corn salad or avocados, which are said to be brain boosters as well, are fine for me. But after this experience, dietary supplements are out of the question for me.

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