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The perfect German class

Imagine this: Your alarm rings in the morning, you wake up and you are enthusiastic immediately, because you remember, that your German class will take place today. This thought puts a smile on your face. Suddenly, your last German class comes to your mind and you remember, what you learned last time. You've got so much energy, that you jump out of bed, walk into the bathroom and while you are brushing your teeth, German words pop up in your head. In the shower, you notice yourself singing a German song.

After having a great breakfast, you keep looking forward to your German class in the afternoon. This thought keeps you in a good mood all day long. Finally, it's time to go to your German class. You're nearly dancing there. When you enter the door, you immediately feel welcome, when you see your teacher smiling at you. He seems to be honestly happy to see you. After some words of small talk in German, the other participants of your German course start dropping in. As you start talking to them in German, you notice your teacher welcoming each and every one of them.

In addition to that, your teacher is creating a great atmosphere in your classroom by making sure, that the room smells good. You love the scent your teacher uses to make the classroom comfortable. Furthermore, there is nice, relaxing music playing in the background. You love that music. It's relaxing and helping you focus at the same time.

As the lesson starts, you feel really well and relaxed. Your teacher starts the lesson with an energizing activity. You feel ready to learn German. The whole class is very interesting, you are talking a lot to your fellow German learners. Your teacher respectfully and carefully corrects you. Suddenly, your teacher's alarm rings. Everybody is surprised, that time is up already. Your teacher wraps up the lesson and you're already looking forward to your next German lesson.

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