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The perfect balance for effective German learning

While it's great, if you are really motivated to learn German and you would like to spend as much time as possible with your German course in Munich, don't make the mistake to neglect other areas of your life over it!

By balancing your social life, family, friends, finances, sports, health, spirituality and relaxation, you will be able to learn German much more effective. When I attended university, I made a huge mistake: I thought, I could study more if I quit doing sports. This resulted in overwhelming amounts of stress, which led to panic attacks. So don't make the same mistake I made! I had to learn this the hard way: Relaxation is very important! In fact, relaxation is the key to successful German learning.

Hence, you should continue or start doing sports regularly. If you haven't been into sports so far, find your favourite sport and then commit to it three times a week for at least 45 minutes. This is really important to keep your balance and enable you to learn German effectively.

In addition to that, you should find a method to relax effectively. Watching TV or drinking beer doesn't do the trick! Learn a relaxation method like progressive muscle relaxation, autogenous training, breathing exercises or power napping in order to be able to relax deeply.

Don't think, that you don't have enough time for relaxation! On the contrary: You don't have time not to do relax! If you learn German in a relaxed state, your efforts will yield great results!

Have fun relaxing and learning German and see you soon in one of my German classes in Munich!

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