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Learn German with the Birkenbihl-method

Today, I want to tell you about a revolutionary method for learning German, which I discovered recently. The method is called the Birkenbihl-method and by following it, you can accelerate your German course in Munich and elsewhere!

Here is, how it works: The Birkenbihl-method can be used to prepare your German class in Munich and elsewhere. All you need is are the audio-tracks of your textbook and their transcriptions.

First step: Decoding

Take the transcription of the audio-track, that you would like to prepare. Then mark every German word you understand with a textmarker. Enjoy your success! Take a look at everything you know already and be proud of yourself! Then translate the words, which are new for you. But translate them verbatim! Don't try to create a "good translation". Translate the words literally!

Second step: Active listening

Now play the audio track while reading along on the decoded transcript. More precisely, read the marked German text and switch to the translated words whenever necessary. Repeat this as often as it takes until you understand each and every German word. That way, you will learn German words in context while learning their pronunciation.

Third step: Passive listening

Next, you can play the audio track while focussing on something else like ironing, working or watching TV. Just let it speak to your subconsciousness and let the German words sink in.

Fourth step: Your German lesson in Munich

Finally, you are very well prepared for your German class in Munich!

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