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How to deal with damages caused by hail

On Monday, the western parts of Munich and its surroundings were struck by a severe storm accompanied by hail with hailstones the size of golf balls. I hope, you were not affected by that storm and hail. However, let me share my experience with it here.

First of all: This kind of storm and hail does not happen frequently in Munich. As far as I can remember, the last time hail struck Munich this severely, I was still a little kid. Therefore, I have no memories of any such event. Hopefully, something like this won't happen any time soon, again.

In my case, I was hoping for a relaxing afternoon on Monday, when suddenly the sky turned dark outside. I took a look out of the window and noticed heavy wind bending the trees. Then hail started to come down on our house and I closed the shutters in order to protect the windows. Fortunately, there only minor damages were caused on our house by the storm.

Our neighbors, however, suffered very severe damages. The windshields of many cars were crashed, some windows, shutters and even roofs got damaged.

Even though we only suffered minor damages, dealing with the hail insurance and getting the respective craftspeople to deal with the repairs, is quite a hassle. Here is, what I learned so far:

Call your insurance first, if you are insured against hailstorms (German: Wohngebäudeversicherung gegen Hagel). Alternatively, call your landlord. The damages of your car would be covered by the part insurance cover (German: Teilkasko). If your car is damaged, try to find a repair shop (German: Autowerkstatt) to get the car repaired. Some insurances will even refer you to a repair shop they cooperate with.

If your shutters and/or windows are damaged, call a glazier (German: Glaser).

If your roof is damaged, call a roofer (German: Dachdecker).

If the face of your house is damaged, call a house-painter (German: Maler).

I still don't know who to call for a damaged garage, canopy or concealment.

I hope, this article is of no use to you, because you haven't suffered any damages. If you have, however, I hope, that you will get everything done soon!

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