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Get in the mood for learning German in Munich!

One very important prerequisite for effective German learning is to get in the right mood before you start. The perfect mood for your German class would be if you felt happy and relaxed. There is a very easy exercise, that can help you get into that mood. But that will only work, if you believe, that you can control your feelings. Believe me, it's possible! Your feelings don't have to control you, you can actually master your feelings.

So, here is the exercise to get in the right mood for your German course in Munich:

Close your eyes, relax. Think of the greatest success you ever achieved in your life. Alternatively, think of the happiest moment of your life or the most beautiful place, that you've ever been to. Imagine that situation or place vividly. What did you feel? What did you see? What did you smell? What did you taste? Enjoy the amazing feeling you had then and there and feel like that now!

Enjoy this exercise and you will be able to learn German much more effectively in your German class in Munich!

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