German for Catholics

Today, I received a letter, which states, that my doctoral thesis has been rejected by the University of Regensburg. At first, I felt disappointed. But some hours later, I'm actually rather feeling free. I kind of feel, that a burden has been taken from my shoulders and I can be more creative again. I suddenly feel full of beans, a zest for action is taking over. I like that! So, no hard feelings! The show must go on!

However, it's sad to say, that during my altogether 8 years as a university student, I didn't learn close as much as in the last year, when I was engaging in superlearning, NLP, suggestopedia and accelerated learning on my own. Furthermore, the effects of participating in just a few seminars led by T. Harv Eker exceed the ones of 8 years of participating in university seminars by far!

I think, I've finally found a much more effective way of becoming the greatest German teacher than studying at a German university. I believe, that the problem is, that the German academic community has forgotten, that it's about people and not about things.

In any case, I'm still convinced, that I created a great inventory of "Catholic German" with my dissertation and I am looking forward to sharing it with all catholic German learners - be it priests, laymen or religious. So stay tuned for free materials for "Catholic German".

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