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Free German Class in Munich

I would like to give something to you today: A free German class with me in Munich. Why? Well, here is, what drives me to do this:

Before I became a German teacher in Munich, I had been working as an insurance salesman for a couple of years. Therefore, I know everything about insurance in Germany. However, after a couple of years working as an insurance I decided to become a German teacher.

Recently, it occurred to me, that many people moving to Germany might be ripped off, when it comes to insurance, because they don't master the language yet or, which is even worse, might not be insured at all!

Hence, I came up with the idea of offering a free German class in Munich, that will teach you everything you need to know about insurance in Germany and how to save a lot of money on insurance, electricity, gas, phone and internet. The great thing about this is, that I will be your German teacher with the aspiration to teach you German and everything you need to know about insurance, electricity, gas, phone and internet in Germany. This way, you can be sure, that I'm not trying to rip you off or to sell you anything you don't really need. My aspiration is for you to never get ripped off in Germany, again!

If this sounds appealing to you, don't hesitate and apply for a free German lesson now, that will enable you to save a fortune on insurance, gas, electricity, phone and internet. See you soon!

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