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Der - Die - Das - How to learn the German articles

For many German learners, the German articles are pretty challenging. The same is true for the participants of my German classes in Munich. However, some people just don't have a problem with learning der - die - das. If you are one of them, I would recommend to just continue to learn der - die - das the way you are right now.

I started to do some research with different methods to learn the German articles. The first thing I found is, which is also true in other areas of life: Never change a running system. Related to der - die - das, this means, that, if you are already learning the German articles with relative ease, don't look for a better way to do so. My research shows, that for participants of German courses, who are already quite successful with der - die - das, employing new methods of learning the German articles would be counterproductive.

For German learners, who are struggling with der - die - das, though, there are great methods available! First of all, I would encourage you to check out the key word method. Chances are high, that you will become very successful in learning the German articles with the key word method. As there is already an excellent guide available to teach you the key word method, I'll simply refer you to it here. It's absolutely recommended, so check out the awesome POWER-Learning-Kit German Grammar here:

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