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After my holiday, I am full of energy and looking forward to my upcoming German classes in Munich! During my holidays, I discovered lots of interesting activities in and around Munich like the ESO Supernova, Cavalluna Park, or the Jexhof farm museum.

I especially liked the ESO Supernova, which is a very nice museum about space and space exploration. To my surprise, admission is free! From my point of view, ESO Supernova is a must-see in Munich. And you could even learn some German there, as everything is bilingual: A great opportunity for German learners in Munich!

When my 4 daughters forced me to visit Cavalluna Park, I wasn't looking forward to it, to be honest. I am not too interested in horses anymore since my teenage years, when I used to take riding lessons. However, Cavalluna Park turned out to be lots of fun even for me - my daughters were enthusiastic about it anyways.

Our visit of the Jexhof farm museum was a great trip as well and we learned a lot about life in the early 20th century.

I hope, you had a great summer as well and that you are looking forward to your next German class in Munich as well!

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